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Not even the night's dream is enough for us,
the people of dreams,
to chalenge the light in a sky endlesly alive,
in the dawn's entirety.
And time that seperate us in liquid pieces
appears like a heavenly embryo
that FEEDS from the lost beauty of our soul


Yellow mountains rings, skating away
elastic cricks behind the corner of your eyes
Spinning in your emptiness, blind reflections
Like a hungry lover, child of singing wonder
Castles by the sea
The painter moves, lifts his sword
blondie waves call you again
and no time to understand
In the clear purple circles, watching the sunset
million of different childhood songs
dildling, and no one grows old
Silk and mist touches your deads
Empty nothingness, insensitive weed
As the time train goes away,
throwing off the seventh day of creation


I saw her standing by the sea
with a body like a burning veil
and dolphins touch her hands
breathing liquid things of yesterday
Shedding little unreason
but she was always there
As I was still returning
from the time waves to die on her hands
Spilling up to my disbilief
Echoing like the wisper of sand
Feeling what lies within, waiting to begin
and then, I saw it burn ..again and again..


Rain falls gently on the town
Crystal silence, haunted promises
Wet eyes standing still
time for nothing, time for everything
I'm no one, I'm a silver cord
Stripping as a consequence of a great shinning
and the silence spoke, suddenly alive with all the sounds, from the whisper of clouds
I'm no one, I'm a silver cord, stripping as a consequence of a great shining.
And machine shards, from electric stars
rolling like a silver stream, on the surface of a dream
The disguised concept of life sinks into a splashy moon
and that happens in your mind touching you so soon,
deep read seconds flowing in the end of time, in the desert of history.


Cancer you keep eating my heart
like a puzzle I'm falling apart
I'm sick and tired of this robotic routine!
Maybe I'm just living a dream
I've got a number instead of a name
and that's how you've got to play the game
Microchips take control of emotions
making babies with mechanical portions.


Pale days without any strenght
consume in your briny rain
In a ship's maiden voyage,
and I promise I will see you again
I cry for the moon, for the empty nights
and I extinguish all the deadly lights
One thousand opinions, one thousand faces
The stream on the old iron stairway
like something was expecting them there.....
Some of them were smiling some of them were standing frozen
I remember the perfume on her body
divine, the most divine of all
Somebody turn around and told him you won't remember why
you came along.
Come closer everyone, I want to show you how to kill a god.
How is your faith lately in this wild river
morning bliss in wood's made of fire
try to stand on your feet
So that I can see, in the background
baby standing frozen , frozen.

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